DIY Beauty Care

Not many people know this, but I am a bit obsessed with all things natural…… Organic food, safe household cleaners, fluoride-free, SLS free, Paraben free…… Do you see the pattern emerging? Well, until very recently there were not many choices on the market for those of us wishing to rid chemicals from our lives, and having just come from overseas, I know there are a lot of places where finding chemical free products is near impossible. This led me to go on a massive DIY hunt and spend roughly 3 years trying different recipes and changing them to find what works. I will be posting a series of videos here with my homemade beauty products. I truly hope you find as much joy as I have in not only saving money, but also taking control of what goes in and on your body. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still wear makeup every day, and have yet to find an all-natural makeup that works as well as my high end cosmetics, but I cut back chemicals where I can.
I feel that I should also share with you how going natural has helped my health. I have a glandular disorder that means I don’t sweat (yes, that’s right, I may get a bit damp on a hot humid day, but while everyone else has sweat pouring off them, I am simply a tad bit sticky)…….. While that might sound nice, it is not. Sweat is the body’s way of not only controlling your body’s temperature (I am prone to heat exhaustion and heat stroke because my body cannot cool itself off properly), but also of ridding itself of toxins. Have you ever gotten a deep tissue massage and had your sweat stink for a day or two after? That is your body releasing the toxins through your pores………. My body cannot do that, so instead I get sick, very, very sick. Over the years I just kept feeling worse and worse, with no real idea of how to fix it. Then one day I tried an It-Works body wrap (these are fantastic for most people by the way, I have friends who had AMAZING results), and broke out in a terrible rash for 3 days. The consultant called headquarters and after a week or so of trouble shooting we figured out that the body wraps force your body to sweat out toxins at a rapid rate…… Except I don’t sweat, so all the toxins were bought to the surface of my skin and were just stuck there. I was in terrible pain and ended up really sick for that whole week, and it is an experience I would not wish on anyone. But it taught me a very, very important lesson. I cannot make toxins come out of my body, it just doesn’t work right with me, but I can control what goes in. That spurred me to start changing everything, and instead of just watching what went on and in my children, I now did it for the whole family. And now I have never felt better. I used to suffer from constant migraines, ones that even the prescription medications hardly touched….. Now I get them maybe once or twice a month (for a comparison, I was getting 3-4 a week, or ones that would last for a week or more). I also used to break out constantly, now I only break out during that time of the month, and only a few spots. And while I still have my coffee addiction firmly in place, I now drink half as much and have twice as much energy.
Going natural is not for everyone, and we all know how busy being a housewife keeps us……. But it may just be worth a shot.


Salads, Salads, Salads


I was so happy to receive salad from Salad Kits Express!

I have always been a great fan of salads. Then I hit the wall and can’t seem to stomach them for a few weeks, then I recycle back. When I received the coupons, I went to Lowes Food store 3 towns over and stocked up on all these salads for the week. Man, it was a lot of salad, but I am really trying to eat as healthy as possible! So here is my review-



  • There are so many different choices to choose from. I didn’t have to worry about only eating iceburg for the next week.
  • The mixed bags with the dressings were really good! I usually don’t eat cesar (high calories)
  • Throwing together a salad in a bag makes dinner or a side really easy and quick.



  • The salad is in a bag and has a shorter shelf life imo.
  • The veggie packs are small so you might want to incorporate your own.
  • Check the expiration date. It won’t last as long as a head of lettuce.

The thirty day Salad challenge is a way to make your dinner healthy for a month. Instead of eating pastas and burgers, throw your protein over salad. I lasted 7 days in a row alternating lunch and dinner and I felt great! If you are going to substitute to improve your eating habits, remember to watch out for dressing. The creamier the dressing, the more fat and calories. Stick to a vinegrette or use the meats juices as a dressing.


Yummy Chicken Salad
1 chicken breast per peron
1/2 cup feta
1/2 cucumber
1 salad kit bag
1 roma tomato sliced

Chicken Preparation
Use a microwaveable covered baker and put the chicken at the bottom. Cover with 1 cup soy sauce to 1/2 cup water. Season with pepper, ginger, onion flakes and garlic. Microwave for 20 minutes and cut into cubes and serve over salad.


Swimsuits: Going Retro

Lately our society has been making it difficult to stay covered and classy without being considered a prude. The less fabric you wear, the sexier you are…….. And I fully believe the opposite. I absolutely despise super skimpy clothing, especially bathing suits (having two children just reinforced this idea to an even greater extent). What ever happened to being a lady? To being covered and leaving something, anything, to the imagination? I thought that idea had died…… But suddenly, retro is in! Hallelujah!!!!! This is my favorite fashion trend since scrunchies (yes, I was that girl in the 80s, sue me). If you have any imperfections you want to hide, you are now in luck because there are so many cute, adorable, affordable, amazing retro swimsuits in just about every store now that it is no longer a hunt (or a huge expense) to find that perfect suit. I happened upon my suit for this year at Ross……. It was only $25 (which, when compared to the $200 I spent on a very similar suit last year, is a very big deal), and it fits perfectly…….. My husband was even excited once he saw it on me.
If you are in the retro swimsuit market, here are a few tips to make sure the suit fits correctly (as many of us are so used to tiny or ill-fitting suits, I had to do some research, and it paid off.
1. Your bottom should be covered. Anything retro style means your tushy should not be hanging out, if it is, the suit is too small……. Just trust me, the correctly fitting suit will look better than the too tight one.
2. You should only have a generous HINT of cleavage showing. Retro suits are not designed to let the girls hang out, but rather support them and keep them in place (which if you have had children, you will appreciate).
3. They tend to look better on fuller figure or more shapely women. In the 40s and 50s, thin was not in, but rather the hour glass figure……. These suits will tend to complement those figures a bit better. But if you were not born with hips, do not fear, you will more than likely just have to try on a few more suits to find the perfect one. Don’t get discouraged, just keep swimming (in the fitting room).
4. You are going to see a lot of color combinations you may not have seen on swimsuits before (unless you are like me and a wee bit obsessed with everything 40s and 50s). Fear not, the classic colors really do compliment almost everyone’s skin tone……. And that much neon yellow or orange would not be very flattering. I have worn retro suits in red, navy blue, black, and most recently, black with white polka dots.
5. You will see polka dots, everywhere…….. I never really thought I would like polka dots, but they are cute, and according to my husband, they look great on me and I should find more things with them. Don’t shy away, give them a try.
6. Tummy control. If you are like me and have ended up a little doughy in the middle (thanks kids, lol), then you may want to keep a lookout for a suit with tummy control. That’s right, they now have super cute suits with tummy control…… I am in heaven.
Good luck ladies, remember to keep it classy (which has now become a lot easier!).

P.S. The pictures are of me in my new suit for this year :)

Nature Sleep Slippers Review

nature sleep logoI feel like I have mentioned it before, but if I haven’t, I’m really tall. Super skyscraper tall. I’m 6’1 3/4ths barefoot and seem to tower over everyone. Along with a much larger stature, I have a pretty good size foot. I was a content 12 but having kids seemed to push me to a whopping 13!


So imagine my surprise when I found out that the Closed Toe Terry Slippers with Memory Foam Nature Sleep slippers come in pink and in my size!

Now if you have regular size feet you may not understand the struggle. I am a very prissy girly girl who has had to resort to wearing men’s shoes (I’m not proud to say this, but I can totally wear my husbands shoes!). The girly colors usually stop at 10 and then I’m stuck in a black or brown brute looking footwear. Lately I have had success with finding larger sizes, but this is the first pair of feminine slippers I have had since I was 10(that is when I last wore a size 10!)! While I wear a size 13, the extra-large size meant for 11-12 fits my long narrow foot perfectly.

The memory foam makes you feel like you are walking on little pillows and keep your feet cool! It distributes weight to reduce pressure points and improve circulation in your feet. I can wear these around the house all day and they can even be used outdoors. (But you probably shouldn’t wear house slippers in public. Just saying!)


We have laminate and hardwood flooring in my house and the slippers provide enough traction and keep my feet from the cold floor and keep me stable on the carpeted areas. I have worn the slippers everyday for a few weeks and I have yet to see any wear. I have a feeling that these will last for a while (which is great!) and  you can tell these are high quality when you start wearing them.

If you are in the market for a slipper, this is definitely a great purchase! If you have large feet, this definitely is a great purchase!

Want more info? Here is the site- or click on my link on the side.

Get comfy!