I get mad at my husband, fuming, eye twitching mad. I’m sure there are days when he wishes he could toss me out of the window. The crazy thing is, even at our worst, I still couldn’t imagine a life without him. Sure we have kids together so we will always be linked, but he is like my left arm.
Marriage is like that. Before I was married I didn’t understand the depths a relationship can have.
Just know that it isn’t always unicorns and rainbows. Sometimes it is crap. Other times it is like the Eiffel Tower at night (glittering and breath taking).


Gotta love those vows. Stay in love my friends!

I can Outsource… in 2015

Do you frequently find yourself running out of time? Do you find yourself working hard but at the end of the day still having items on your to-do list? Do you choose between family time and getting stuff done around the house? Are you weary and overwhelmed day after day?

If you answered yes, you need to outsource. Time is precious and you only have 24 hours each day. Here are things you can let someone else deal with for a moment!

– Housekeeping- Cleaning can be fun, but it also can be time consuming. Check your schedule for the busy days and hire a housekeeper for the beginning of the week (and maintain the clean) or at the end of the week (to do damage control).

– Laundry- For families with more than 1 person, laundry can pile up fast. Washing can take 2 days and ironing and folding can just take the rest of the week. Splurge on a dry cleaner. Many offer laundry folding services and you can get many shirts pressed for cheap. If you are on a budget this might get expensive,  but if you have a little excess spending money at the end of the month- do it!

– Grocery Shopping- Did you know that you can order groceries? If you want to opt out of long lines at the grocery store and save hours of your life, order dry goods and paper products online. Certain places have one or two day shipping so you aren’t waiting forever for products you need right away. Shopping this way insures you won’t forget something. Order what you need and not have to start up the car once! Farmer’s markets and companies like Bountiful Baskets will offer baskets of produce ready to be picked up. No more picking through bins. They have already set aside a large fresh batch!

-Body Maintenance – This is probably the best thing to outsource! Let someone else do your hair, nails, and skin. Get a professional wax and hire a personal trainer. It may be pricy (you obviously know your budget) but the professionals will make you look amazing. I know this one is really superficial, but looking great boosts your self esteem and makes you feel good. Plus you will look like a knockout trophy wife.

– School/Church/Work functions- Pause before you volunteer. Do you have time to make a costume or the resources to make itty bitty spiders for the class? You might be better off ordering items or just letting someone else do the work! Maybe the women’s ministry can have store bought centerpieces instead of homemade ones. Does your job or husbands job have a function that is pot luck? Skip slaving in the kitchen and buy something. So many grocery stores have amazing ready baked meals. Heck, there are even frozen items that taste great and only require a few minutes in an oven.

– Baking for functions- With my years as a volunteer,  I quickly realized that people eat the store bought cookies just as often as the homemade. Sure no one pats you on the back, but it is food. At the end of the day we all know what happens to the excess food! Don’t waste hours cooking when the function is not that serious. You will always have the woman who gets everything off Pinterest at a party. If you don’t have time go to the store. I used to spend hours baking, and now I frequent Dunking Doughnuts. Bonus- I never bring home leftovers!

-Parenting – Some days it pays to let the kids play elsewhere. Check out some local child care centers for drop in care, take advantage of church mom’s day out programs, or see if a friend can pop in for a few hours! Parenting is hard work and it is not for the faint of heart. There are days when you can only take so much poop!

-Bills – While you can’t always push these off on other people, you can set up automatic payments. The more that you have auto drafted equals the less you have to drive around to pay in person, the less checks you write and keeping up with stamps, and the less worry you forgot to pay something. Bill due dates never change so let the internet banking handle that.

There will be times when you can’t outsource.  Heck, there will be times that you don’t want to outsource. But there will be times when you need to outsource. Sometimes because life is too busy and the other times are just for your sanity. There is a reason why so many companies outsource!

The best part is that outsourcing can be our little secret. Unless you want to tell what you plan on outsourcing in the comments!


Happy almost Holidays

Free-Wallpaper-Christmas-TreeThis year has flown! Seriously, where did it go? I guess I have been so busy that life is flying by. I am looking forward to next year. I know a lot will happen and hopefully I will be a new homeowner by the end of the year!

What about you? Do you have your list of things you want to accomplish? Next year, five years from now, what about ten?

Since I went from housewife to volunteer to working full time, I know that the volunteer stage really helped me transition. If you plan on managing the home for a temporary time, be sure to fine tune your skills every now and then.

Many people think I am doing a lot, and honestly I am. However, I would never have been able to manage my life had I not spent the months getting comfortable with dropping my kids off, doing free training, going back to school and aiming for “phenomenal”.

I beg you to manage your life. Yes, love your kids (if you have any) and love your husband, but you have to set yourself up for your future. The more you set yourself up, you won’t have a blank space on your resume. The world is changing ladies and if you can keep your big toe (at least) in the door, you will be just fine transitioning to your next stage. If you plan on staying home forever, that is fine too!

So I strayed from my original topic. Happy holidays yall!


10 Truths about being Married to a Marine

If you weren’t aware, today is the Marine Corps Birthday. I wrote this post while my husband was still in the Corps and I would teach other spouses about the life! If you ever wondered what it is like to be with a Marine, this is for you.


1. They will be gone a lot

2. Duty is a 4 letter word.

3. Possible work hours range from 3 am – 9 pm

4. Sleeves up in the spring/summer is one of the best times to gawk at your husband.

5. Anytime they put on dress blues is a great time to gawk at your husband.

6. They like to go incognito in public. But their vehicles are a whole different story.

7. You get an inside look at how much they do, how many people don’t appreciate what they do and wish they could get paid overtime.

8. Deployment work ups seem to last longer than the actual deployment.

9. When it comes to uniforms, they will take longer than you to get ready. Uniform is everything. Keep buttons, a lint roller, a tissue and ruler in your purse!

10. The e’spirit de corps is amazing to see. Especially when they gather together in their dress blues.


Happy Birthday Marines. Thank you for all you do, everything you miss when you are gone and for volunteering to protect the country.


Back to Work

I write this know that in exactly one week, I will no longer be solely a housewife.

My entire world was rocked about 5 weeks ago when my husband called and told me that he might be out of the Corps in 2 weeks. I panicked, I freaked out, I was stressed, I prayed, I cried, and then I gave it to God.

My life now, well I’m no longer a military spouse. I did a super last minute cross country move. I’m due in 3 weeks and I haven’t registered at my new hospital yet. Yea. Life has been crazy. The most dramatic change has been job hunting and deciding to work while my husband figures out what to do next. We have a plan, but time is moving a little slow. We came to the mutual decision that it would be best for me to seek employment and I start next week.

A few weeks ago I talked about being a working housewife by choice. I now will become one out of necessity. However, I will still

  • cook
  • clean
  • do things with the kids
  • manage finances (it really is so much fun)
  • go grocery shopping
  • decorate the house
  • finish my masters

I enjoy my wifely duties. We have had this system in place for a while now, so I don’t really want to change it if I don’t have too.

With that being said, I still plan on maintaining this blog. Heck I will be super phenomenal juggling all of the above. This time I won’t let the little things stress me. I know this life with a newborn will be crazy but I am kinda looking forward to the change.

Flash forward a few weeks and I have been working, but not doing as much as I originally planned. My husband helps out a lot but I am still happy with the work life balance.

I don’t dread work and I enjoy my time at home. I make the most from what I have and am fully content.

Ps- baby comes tomorrow!


Traveling with Children: Where you Sleep

I recently took a very long road trip from the Carolinas to Texas. I also took this trip with my 3.5 year old and 1.5 year old. I also took this trip in two cars with my husband, and I also was very much 30 weeks pregnant.

The last time I travelled with children, I was taking a series of flights with Thing 1 and Thing 2 and I made a pact with myself to never do that again. Pretty much anything travel related while pregnant sucks and this trip did nothing but reinforce the theory.

But this post isn’t about my knocked up self. It is about where you lay your head after all the hours in the air or on the road. I do consider myself a frugalista, but hotels are not something to scrimp at. If you are traveling with small people, expect the following



-frequent potty breaks

-inconvenient hunger fits

-random breaking into luggage and making messes

-brother touched me fits

-fits just because

-throw up

-kicking, yelling, and screaming

Once you survive all of this, it is essential to have a good nights sleep to be able to make it through the next day. On our recent road trip, I used my sister as a travel agent while I was driving down I-10 and she found an amazing hotel for us to stay.

Note-I’m not getting paid to write this.homewood

We stayed at Homewood Suites and for our family, it was a perfect fit.

Since we had been on the road all morning and afternoon, we decided to call it a night early and stopped around 5. (We had a kid getting into glue in the back seat issue). When we arrived at the hotel, they had just started the managers special dinner which was a pasta, bread, veggies, salad, beer, wine and juice bar. This was all included in the price! Instead of having to lug the kids back onto the road to grab dinner, we were able to dine in the hotel. The rest of the night was spent lounging in the suite, taking steaming hot refreshing showers, homework, and watching tv. The hotel provided a crib and the kids were able to go to sleep early in the bedroom with the door closed. My husband was able to watch tv and I did some homework without any interruptions.the suite

Waking up the next morning, we had a huge breakfast bar, paper and the happiness of having a great night sleep. food at homewoodWe then hit the road for another 7 hours.


But honestly, sometimes it is worth it to pay a little more when traveling with kids. By staying at the Homewood (I know Drury does this too), we were able to get dinner and breakfast at the same location. Our family of 4 usually spends $25-50 per meal. Sometimes I will split a meal with the kids but that usually leaves me still hungry and them wanting more food. Depending on the location, my boys will split a kids meal if the portion is large enough. Lately though the boys have decided to each want their own plate. This helps cut costs when we all can eat “free”.

More to come…