Fun-Summer-BeachThank you so much for letting me take a much needed summer break. I was able to take a vacation, get an A in my Employment Law class, keep up with my workouts and enjoy time with the family. As of now, my life is in chaos. I am currently waiting to find out if my husband will continue on as a Marine or become a civilian and we move back across the country in a few weeks. Plus, we have been in limbo for almost a month with it down to the wire in the past week. My 3 year old started preschool to help with his speech, I am adjusting to waking up earlier and dropping him off and all that jazz. School has started and I’m back to studying, research, and tons of papers. Plus I decided to work my health and fitness coaching business and that takes some time too.

Did I mention I am attempting to give up coffee while doing this. Oh and the kicker is I’m 7 months pregnant!preggo

Forgive me for being gone long, but the line up I have created should keep you entertained for the rest of the year (hopefully!).

Our Phenomenal Housewives group is growing on Facebook and I would love to have you join here and get in the conversations!

I’m burning the candle at both ends, and while it never ends well, it is really good for getting stuff done. However it is now 12:55 in the morning, I have to put my sons uniform in the dryer, take a shower, make lunches and go to sleep. Hopefully in that order but I most likely will wake up early and make the food. Anyway, follow to keep up or join the group! I would love to connect with you!


Fitness Friday- TRX

fitness friday


This week the spotlight is on TRX! trx4

What is it?

TRX is suspension training. You use the swing like contraption to exercise using your bodyweight and gravity as resistance. Thera re so many different exercises you can do and they sell videos on the TRX site or look up routines on YoutTube!TRX-flexibility-poster

I did my first TRX workout during a mom and me bootcamp at a park and I wasn’t ready for the challenge it created. It is an initial investment, and you have to make sure you safely mount it when you workout to avoid injury. If you like doing your own thing, or want to do resistance training without having to purchase 1000 dumbbells, this is a great option for you!

Here is what it looks like -


*You can do it at home Slider1

*You can do it at a parktrxusa_bg4

*There are a ton of resources

So try it out and let me know what you think! Or if you already do TRX and want to tell others about it, comment below!


Hello Strangers!

I’ll be back!

I decided to take the summer off to spend quality time with my little ones before preschool starts, I start grad school full time and have baby 3. (Shudder)

I also have been slammed with exhaustion this pregnancy and most of my free thinking head time is spent sleeping!

There is nothing like having energy and then having none. Enjoy your summer housewives! Talk to you soon.


Stay Phenomenal!


The Man Facial

My friend Erin created this amazing treatment for her husband so I asked her to share the great technique!

Deep Cleansing Facial

by: Erin Dixon-Johnson

Moisten skin with water

1st cleanse skin with hands

2nd cleanse skin with brush (clarisonic)Clarisonic_Cleansing_Brush

exfoliate (crushed oats, egg) leave on for 5 -15 minutesexfoliator

massage and wipe with warm cloth

steam face- cover steamer with clothsteam face

apply mask- leave on 15-20 minutestea-tree-face-mask_l

cover eyes- Cucumbers

Start hair scalp Treatmentscalp-massage

Wipe mask off with warm wash cloth (gently)

apply homemade lip scrub  and rinse off (1tbs raw coconut oil softened, 2 tbs sugar, 1/4 tsp vanilla extract)

Apply Cool Eye Cover (cooling eye Mask)eye mask

Apply Cool Clean Cloth to skin- Aloow sit for 2 minutes

Apply Pore Serum ( Sephora Brand)sephora

Moisturize lips with chap stick

 Screen shot 2014-06-06 at 11.36.43 AM

The Loved Trunk Club

Trunk-Club-BoxYou know how box subscription companies are popping up all over the place? At first I was skeptical but after trying Rent the Runway for my husband’s ball last year, I’m more open to seeing what the internet companies have to offer.

I found the Trunk club one day when I was googling awesome gifts for men. The trunk club is basically having a personal stylist come to your door and outfit your husband. Plus shipping is free and you just have to drop it off at a Fed-Ex location.trunk

Since my husband has worn the same uniform for the past 8 years, his civilian clothes section in the closet was pretty sparse. We both knew he needed clothes, and since we are getting older, he wanted more “grown man” fashions. What you wear in your young 20’s doesn’t always look the same when you are nearing the 30’s!

The company is really in-depth when it comes to finding your man’s style. They look at tastes, show you different clothing styles, height, weight, and they have a conversation with a stylist!

When my husbands first trunk arrived, I was amazing at the high quality and amazing styles. They look paired straight out of a magazine and fit him to a T. He even tried on different styles of clothes that he never would pick up at the store.trunk3

When it came to selecting clothes, we had to budget because I wish he could keep the whole box. A few trunk’s later, and his closet is growing and he looks great whenever we go out!trunk2

My husband loved it so much he recommended it to my brother in law, who now enjoys shopping from his trunk! They have completely different clothing styles, so I am sure they can find clothes to match every man clothing style.

You probably should get Trunk Club if-

  • Your husband needs, wants, or is interested in buying new clothes
  • You have no clue on fashion for men and neither does your husband
  • Your husband doesn’t like shopping
  • Most of your husbands clothes are 5+ years old and worn
  • They have that favorite shirt that makes you cringe and gag, that he wears all the time
  • Your husband has gained or lost a significant amount of weight and he need better fitting clothes
  • You want a great easy Father’s Day/Birthday/Anniversary gift
  • You want an excuse to get great new clothes too! (j/k)


Have you heard of Trunk Club? What do you think about it?


Hydrating with a Hydrator

betterIf there is one big thing I have been lately, is dehydrated. I carry at least one of my super sized Tupperware containers full of water every time I leave the house, but I still feel thirsty all the time.

The weather here has been heating up (which I do prefer to the snow) and I drown in sweat whenever I workout. For the past 2 weeks I have been using Vega Sport Hydrator during my workouts or just at some point during the day and it has been super useful. I haven’t gotten that light head dizzy feeling, and my walks in 80 degree weather pushing a 75 lb stroller have been great. I also can feel a significant difference on days that I don’t use that extra boost of hydrator.hydra

I have tried different pre workout and workout sustainers and they usually taste gross, bitter, or chalky. The lemon flavor is super light and doesn’t have an overwhelmingly sweet taste. I prefer this over Gatorade and other super sweet drinks. When I am pounding weights or getting a quick mid TurboFire break, the last thing I want is something sweet. I want something light and refreshing. Hydrator is sugar and artificial sweetener free!

So what does this product do?

Replenish electrolytes and minerals
Enhance metabolism and alkalinity
Provide antioxidant protection

So you probably know about electrolytes and minerals, I was stuck on the alkalinity definition. Here is a definition in layman’s terms-

Alkalinity—the opposite of acidity—refers to the pH level of any solution. The human body naturally has a level of around 7.4 on the pH scale. And the more alkaline you are, the healthier you feel. “When you are in an alkaline state, you’re so healthy that normal cells will thrive and disease will not,” says Jeannette Graf, M.D., a New York dermatologist and author of Stop Aging, Start Living.

Antioxidants can prevent and reverse cancer, heart disease and other diseases. Plus, it is rumored that large amounts of these guys can slow down the aging process!

A great thing about the hydrator, is you can drink it at any time during the day.You can even drink this when you aren’t working out. To combat my constant thirst, I even have started putting packs in my purse to go.

Rip off the top, add to water, shake and go!

Have you ever felt like you needed an additional boost mid workout? If so, this is definitely a great product to consider.