The Family Date

familyatrestaurant-johnspizza-yellowLast year I attempted the Date Night Challenge. It was fun, took a little time to get used to, but I hurt myself before we could do our fun sand run date and then life moved on.

This year my husband and I have been more in a “save” mode and our (rare) dates have become family style.

So I know the whole purpose of date nights, is to escape the kids, but depending on the ages of your kids, this isn’t the worse thing.

We actually went on a family date on a Tuesday at 1 pm to Red Lobster.

Romantic? Ehh… no. Fun- Definitely!FamilyDiningOut1

I love my kids and they are a constant source of entertainment. Now when you introduce food to either of them, they go into the zone. Thing one was focused on his Strawberry Smoothie (first time he ever had one) and Thing 2 was content to steal my husbands fries off his plate.

We were phones free the whole time and had a great conversation. Sure it would have been cool to be cuddled in a booth with the lights dimmed and the kids tucked away in bed, but hey, this is our life.

Since we only eat out at a restaurant once a month it means more to us. Have you ever tried to do this? Here are a few tips!Friends eating at a restaurant

Family Date Night Tips

  • Make it once a month- This works better if you make going out a big deal. Plus you can save a lot of money this way
  • Bring something entertaining for the kids, just in case they start to get a little restless.
  • Keep technology in the car. Don’t be the couple not talking and playing games on the phone. Talk to your husband about what is going on in your life, what is going on in his life, what you hope to accomplish, news, and anything you haven’t had time to talk about.
  • Share something like dessert, a fancy drink, or appetizer
  • Dress up for the occasion! Put on your pearls or diamonds and dress the kids up too.


What do you think about the family date? Have you ever tried it?


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