CK One mascara review


Recently I had a birthday (I am not telling my age though ;) and Ulta sent me an email with a birthday gift, a full size CK One mascara.  I am a die hard MAC girl normally, but free is free so I gave it a shot.  And I was pleasantly surprised with the product.  This mascara has a very cool applicator that with a twist of the handle go from a brush style that lengthens to one that thickens!  The formula is nice a smooth, though a bit thinner than what I am used to.  It doesn’t clump, but it does take a few coats to give me the same coverage as my MAC Zoom Lash.  It has also proven itself to be nicely waterproof (hormones and sappy commercials stink), and didn’t harden after like MAC sometimes does.  It retails for $18 which is a bit more than MAC Zoom Lash at $16.

Pros:                                                                           Cons:

Versatile applicator                                                 Thin formula

Non-clumping                                                          High price




Overall the pros out weight the cons, and I am now more open to trying new mascaras…… So I plan to use this one until it runs out and then try a totally new brand.


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