DIY Beauty Care

Not many people know this, but I am a bit obsessed with all things natural…… Organic food, safe household cleaners, fluoride-free, SLS free, Paraben free…… Do you see the pattern emerging? Well, until very recently there were not many choices on the market for those of us wishing to rid chemicals from our lives, and having just come from overseas, I know there are a lot of places where finding chemical free products is near impossible. This led me to go on a massive DIY hunt and spend roughly 3 years trying different recipes and changing them to find what works. I will be posting a series of videos here with my homemade beauty products. I truly hope you find as much joy as I have in not only saving money, but also taking control of what goes in and on your body. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still wear makeup every day, and have yet to find an all-natural makeup that works as well as my high end cosmetics, but I cut back chemicals where I can.
I feel that I should also share with you how going natural has helped my health. I have a glandular disorder that means I don’t sweat (yes, that’s right, I may get a bit damp on a hot humid day, but while everyone else has sweat pouring off them, I am simply a tad bit sticky)…….. While that might sound nice, it is not. Sweat is the body’s way of not only controlling your body’s temperature (I am prone to heat exhaustion and heat stroke because my body cannot cool itself off properly), but also of ridding itself of toxins. Have you ever gotten a deep tissue massage and had your sweat stink for a day or two after? That is your body releasing the toxins through your pores………. My body cannot do that, so instead I get sick, very, very sick. Over the years I just kept feeling worse and worse, with no real idea of how to fix it. Then one day I tried an It-Works body wrap (these are fantastic for most people by the way, I have friends who had AMAZING results), and broke out in a terrible rash for 3 days. The consultant called headquarters and after a week or so of trouble shooting we figured out that the body wraps force your body to sweat out toxins at a rapid rate…… Except I don’t sweat, so all the toxins were bought to the surface of my skin and were just stuck there. I was in terrible pain and ended up really sick for that whole week, and it is an experience I would not wish on anyone. But it taught me a very, very important lesson. I cannot make toxins come out of my body, it just doesn’t work right with me, but I can control what goes in. That spurred me to start changing everything, and instead of just watching what went on and in my children, I now did it for the whole family. And now I have never felt better. I used to suffer from constant migraines, ones that even the prescription medications hardly touched….. Now I get them maybe once or twice a month (for a comparison, I was getting 3-4 a week, or ones that would last for a week or more). I also used to break out constantly, now I only break out during that time of the month, and only a few spots. And while I still have my coffee addiction firmly in place, I now drink half as much and have twice as much energy.
Going natural is not for everyone, and we all know how busy being a housewife keeps us……. But it may just be worth a shot.


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4 thoughts on “DIY Beauty Care

  1. I’m looking forward to viewing your coming videos. I have used only vinegar and water for the last several years to clean my house, but I would love to learn how to make other natural products. I too suffer from migraines and use prescription medication to keep them under control so I would love to learn a more natural way to keep them under control.

  2. Looking forward to your upcoming videos. That’s amazing what you go through because you don’t sweat. I never realized how this could affect someone.

    For the last several years, I have used vinegar and water to clean my home. I would love to learn other natural products that can be made at home, especially if you have something to control migraines as I too suffer from them and use prescription medication to control them. It would be nice to be able to stop using medication but still be able to control my headaches.

    • Vinegar and water are a powerhouse cleaning couple! For headaches, peppermint essential oil on the temples works. You can also try your feet in hot water and a cold compress on your neck. I actually received this advice from Kara when my head was throbbing. Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

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