Urban Decay Naked Palette Review.


So I am not normally one to buy palettes…… In general, I normally only like maybe half the shades in each, and find it a major waste of money. However, I have heard so much about the Naked Palette, I felt I really needed to give it a try. I have an olive complexion, which means I tan easily, but my skin has very yellow undertones…… So it is not always easy to find neutral shades that work well on me. Most browns and pastels just make me look tired, and I tend to lean towards bright jewel tones for that reason. The Naked Palette contains all neutrals, and therefore offered me a challenge…… I accepted the challenge.

Let me start the review by saying I think I may be in love with the shade Half Baked……. It is seriously the “golden” color for me, I can wear it with everything! The other colors impressed me as well, and learning to blend them together to make numerous looks has proven quite fun. I am just going to start from left to right and explain each color and how I use it.
1. Virgin: This is a great matte highlighting shade. If you are a bit paler than me, it could work on the inner corner of your eyes as well, but I am too dark for that.
2. Sin: This is basically a shimmery version of Virgin with a tiny bit of rose in it…… Again, a fantastic highlight shade.
3. Naked: Matte beige, I use this as a base shade every day to make blending easy.
4. Sidecar: Shimmery beige with a very slight rose tone. I like to use this one on the inner corner of my eyes to open them up.
5. Buck: Matte light brown. I have to be honest and say this is my least favorite color, and is almost untouched in my palette……. If I used powder on my brows, I think it would be great, but I have yet o find a way to use Buck that I am happy with.
6. Half Baked: The Holy Grail of colors for me. I seriously wear this one almost every single day. I mix it with Sin, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep and Gunmetal in so many various combinations it makes m own head spin. If I could marry an eyeshadow, it would be this one.
7. Smog: Great neutral shimmery tan. This one more often than not takes it place in my crease. It is just that perfect shade that gives depth without being overbearing.
8. Darkhorse: Shimmery dark brown. I use this shade on my outer V and under my eyes a lot. It is also great for the crease when doing a darker neutral smokey eye.
9. Toasted: Slight Shimmer rosey tan. I use this as a highlight shade a lot, also on the inner corner.
10. Hustle: Slight Shimmer darker rose tone. I like to use this one for the darker smokey eyes, it add a lot of drama.
11. Creep: Shimmery black……. Pretty much can be used for everything.
12. Gunmetal: Shimmery grey. I use this one for smokey eyes, especially when going out in the evening as it is a very dramatic shade. Mix this with Creep and Sin and you have a look to knock anyone out.

Below are a few of the looks I have played with, and the colors used and where.
And the verdict is…….. I love it, and am so happy my wonderful husband bought it for me. I can use most of the colors, and the pigment is very dense, so I choose to have it go on light, or heavy for an intense look. I cannot really find a con for this palette, except that it may not be big enough. Next up, the Naked Palette 2!



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